Outsourcing Blogger Outreach Services to a White Label SEO Company

There is only so much a company blog can do for a website’s search engine ranking. All in-house SEO experts, consultants, and agencies that want to attract new audiences and reach the front pages of major search engines sooner or later turn to blogger outreach as the most effective way how to get high-quality backlinks that drive new, interested visitors.

But building partnerships with established blogs and influencers is not an easy task even for someone with a wealth of industry experience. That’s why many in-house SEO experts, consultants, and agencies are outsourcing blogger outreach services to a white label SEO company such as OneSEO, reaping all the benefits of blogger outreach without any of the hard work.

Let’s take a closer look at what blogger outreach actually is, why it’s one of the most effective ways how companies can grow their audience and increase engagement, and what makes it a perfect fit for a while label SEO company.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

By 2020, the number of bloggers is expected to reach over 31 million, making blogs one of the most important marketing channels out there. From raising brand awareness to lead generation to SEO, it’s hard to find a marketing area that doesn’t benefit from blogging, which explains why over 50 percent of marketers consider blogging to be their top content marketing priority.

Blogs have the most power when they are published by someone who is already trusted by his or her readers, which is where blogger outreach comes in. This process involves the identification of bloggers who already have an established audience of loyal readers and involves sending them personalized emails to put products and services in front of their audience.

Of course, influencers would never risk damaging the relationship they have built with their audience, which is why blogger outreach must always provide some kind of value and be executed in an organic manner. Links to products and services must be placed naturally within blog posts, and the blog posts themselves must be superbly written and highly engaging.

It’s actually so difficult to execute a good blogger outreach campaign that most who try end up wasting hours and days sending outreach emails without getting a single reply, only to ultimately abandon the effort altogether in favor of easier marketing strategies.

But things don’t have to be this way! With our white label SEO blogger outreach services, you can effortlessly place natural links within professionally written blog posts published on leading influencers’ blogs and receive all the relevant metrics in a white-label report that you can customize with your logo and send it to your clients to represent your work.

Benefits of Outsourcing Blogger Outreach Services

Let’s look at five concrete reasons why you should use our white label SEO blogger outreach service:

1. Outsourcing Blogger Outreach Saves Time

Regardless of whether you’re aiming at micro-influencers with only a few thousands of followers or shooting for the stars and trying to build a relationship with mega-influencers with millions of followers, blogger outreach is always a very time-consuming and tedious process. When you outsource blogger outreach, the burden of prospecting, building relationships, writing content, and placing contextual backlinks, and analyzing the results is lifted off your shoulders, allowing you to dedicate your time to more interesting pursuits, such as building your client base.

2. Outsourcing Blogger Outreach Saves Money

At OneSEO, we offer the highest quality blogger outreach service at white labeled prices and with amazing turnaround times. We have an established network of bloggers that publish engaging content on a daily basis to captivate readers from around the world. Blogger outreach typically involves multiple stages, and there are many things that can go wrong at each stage, causing you to lose all the money and time you’ve invested up to that point. With us, the cost of blogger outreach is always clear, and the outcome is always predictable.

3. Outsourcing Blogger Outreach Is Effective

It takes experienced marketers weeks and sometimes even months to build relationships with bloggers in a single niche, and many clients are not willing to wait that long. When you outsource blogger outreach to a white label SEO company, you get instant access to an ever-growing network of trusted bloggers, which allows you to deliver instant results by getting your clients’ content published in no time.

4. Outsourcing Blogger Outreach Gives You a Guarantee

Blogger outreach is an extremely volatile process. One day you have a healthy relationship with a successful blogger, and the next you have nothing because the blogger has received an email from someone else and no longer wants to be in contact with you. Outsourcing blogger outreach gives you a guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth no matter what. You can let us worry about finding quality blogs for you to get link placements while you reap the fruit of our labor.

5. Outsourcing Blogger Outreach Helps You Grow

It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO expert, consultant, or marketing agency—you have a business that you want to grow. But you can grow your business only when you actually have time to work on it. If you spend your days handling tasks that you could outsource at a fraction of your cost and get even better results than you can achieve yourself, choosing outsourcing is the only sensible thing to do. Our white label SEO blogger outreach service gives you the competitive advantage you need to get to the top and make your clients come back to you.


In this article, we explained the importance of blogger outreach for reaching new audiences and raking higher in search engines. We also talked about how white label SEO solves all the major pain points associated with blogger outreach. If you would like us to help you manage outreach on your behalf, feel free to reach us, and we’ll promptly answer any questions you may have.

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