Instagram Custom Audience

Instagram Custom Audience: Facebook Ads Latest Update

Digital marketing has helped thousands (if not millions) of businesses reach their marketing goals and rope in a ton of traffic without any expensive upfront costs. Among the methods deployed in the digital marketing space, social media marketing is one of the more powerful ways to reach a targeted audience. It allows businesses to advertise to thousands of people at a time and if you use platforms like Facebook, these “people” are going to targeted and hungry for your products.

But how are they targeted? How do you know they are interested? Facebook achieves this through their advanced targeting (and retargeting) platform, allowing you to send your ads out to people have already interacted with your business/website in some way. The only real issue is that this feature was only available for Facebook or website interaction, there was no way to target customers from Instagram. This has now changed with Facebook’s latest Instagram Engagement Audience.

What is the Instagram Engagement Audience?

As simply as I can put it, an Instagram Engagement Audience is a custom audience in the Facebook ads platform that allows you to target individuals who have interacted (or engaged) with your Instagram business profile.

This is new and amazing feature Facebook has added for their Instagram platform. Primarily because there are a lot of businesses based on the Instagram platform and before there was no real way to retarget any of the individuals who interacted with the business profile.

Of course, there has always been a form of Instagram targeting when it came to ads. The main issue was that the interested-based campaigns didn’t convert so well for Instagram as they did for Facebook. Even with all the options available to marketers, native ads were always the way to go. With the Instagram custom audiences, however, the conversion rates will be a lot higher.

What Does This Mean for You?

Better Instagram conversion rates!

With the option to now retarget individuals who have already interacted with you, you have a much higher chance to convert them into paying customers. Results and studies have shown that retargeting campaigns are 70% more likely to convert compared to campaigns targeting cold traffic (like with interest-based targeting). With this percentage, businesses that rely heavily on Instagram might now find a larger use for the Facebook ads platform.

Combining with Influences

Something many marketers are beginning to identify with this new change is the effect it has on Instagram influencer marketing. Although the method was fantastic before and led to high conversion rates, you can now use the new Instagram Engagement Audience to continue to market to individuals who clicked on your influencer posts.

You could run an influencer campaign and when it ends, target all the people who interacted with the post (image or video) and run ads to them. Using this method, your conversions will be boosted a considerable amount.

Final Thoughts

The native Facebook ads were always the go-to strategy when it came to social media marketing. Although Instagram is a massive platform that many businesses depend on, the same as used on Facebook just didn’t have quite the same effect in terms of conversions and clicks. However, with the new Instagram targeting, this could change. We heavily suggest you use Instagram Custom Audiences in your next campaign. This is a game-changing update.

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