Increase Conversions Using Facebook Ads

How to Build Your Brand and Increase Conversions Using Facebook Ads

The Simple Facebook Advertising Strategy

How do you Increase Conversions Using Facebook Ads?

The Facebook ads platform is one of the hottest online marketing platforms available now. Leveraging user data you can use the Facebook ad platform to target and create custom audiences in order to scale your business online. Below we break down our top performing campaigns and tools that we use in order to effectively target Facebook users for our clients.

1. Engagement Campaign: The Epic Post

The first campaign that we need to create to begin your Facebook marketing strategy is the Epic Post Engagement. We call it the epic post because this is going to be one blog post written on your website that will not just be a quick write. You will have to invest time in order to properly research your audience, what questions they want answers for and come up with a post title that will engage your users to comment, like and share your post on Facebook.

Some tools that we use for writing your Epic Post:

  • Google Trend
  • Google Search Bar (Autocomplete Function)
  • Answer The Public
  • Your Competitors Blog and Their Engagement

Once you come up with the title and write your content which should be between 750-1200 words, you can create the Facebook Engagement Ad.

The goal of this ad campaign is of course to generate lots of engagement which will then allow us to create custom audiences using that data which will aid our future marketing targeting strategy.

Audience For The Epic Post

The audience for the epic post will be based on Facebook’s user interest algorithm, we do this in order to reach out to new users that have never heard of your brand/company before and continue to leverage this data into our conversion driven campaigns.

2. Email Opt-in Campaign

Email marketing is not dead. This campaign will be focused on acquiring user emails. In order to do this, we like to offer the user something in return for their email. This could an informative PDF, an E-Book, access to a video course etc. The value offered will depend on your business. There are many technical and tested strategies what will allow us to lower the cost per email acquisition. We like to use LeadPages to quickly create high converting landing pages and integrate it with an email marketing automation platform called ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is used to automate your email sending process. It allows you to create conditions to your email delivery process. We love email marketing because it allows you to build trust with your users. This is done by offering valuable information regarding your business industry. Eventually, a percentage of these email list will turn into loyal customers/clients.

Audience For The Email Optin Campaign

Using the Facebook pixel feature we can isolate every user that has given us their email address and qualify them as a warmer lead. We can then re-market to them on Facebook from our sales/conversion campaign. We can also target the already built audience from the engagement campaign discussed above.

3. Conversion Campaign

Finally, this is the money maker. Many of new Facebook marketers give up on the Facebook Ad platform simply because after a few days of testing they never see any results. The main reason for this is due to their cold marketing strategies. They don’t fully leverage the full power of the Facebook platform in order to collect data and qualify their audience. Marketing purely to interest in hopes to generate high conversions will simply not work. You need to use Facebook’s custom audience tool and come up with a thought out strategy. Using this tool we can leverage the data collected in our Engagement and Email Optin campaigns. We can directly target those Facebook users and we can also target the 1% Lookalike of that audience. What that means is that Facebook will automatically find other users that have similar interests and characteristics to those that have already engaged, clicked, liked or opted into your email list.

This is how you grow your business, by reaching out to users who have already shown interest in your brand, company or product.

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