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How to Hire a Web Development Company

If you intend to start an online business, you’ll need a website that establishes your online presence. For your website to generate traffic and succeed on the web, you’ll require the services of a reliable and reputable website development company. These providers are solely responsible in showcasing your site and have full control of how your business is portrayed to the world. Because of that, it is very important that you choose the right web development company to not only program your site but to advertise it and drive relevant traffic to it.

Here are some tips that would greatly help you qualify a good web development company


Before hiring any web company, you should first take into account the amount of disk space and bandwidth you’ll need. If you have a few static web-pages, a limited hosting plan can do. However, if you have a big company that needs many dynamic pages to include blogs, videos or images, sharing resources etc. then the option of going for a server with limited resources is not feasible. The bandwidth needed is determined by the number of visitors you expect and the size of data which has to be made available for downloading.

Reputation & Follow Through

It’s always recommended that you choose a web development company with a good track record. A good company should always put their clients first. Look out for good testimonials and review.

Customer care & Communication

The web development company should be able to guarantee their client’s customer care support even after a project has been completed for at least a month. Communication is key, your website is a valuable asset to your business and should not be neglected. Make sure your website development company is available at any time during the course of the day and that they do not outsource their development work. Avoid the company that outsources their work because their turnaround time is usually days and you won’t have anyone to turn to if your website faces an emergency (trust us, it happens all the time).


Make sure you are paying for a product, not just a service. A lot of agencies like to own everything that they do which it’s okay for the meantime but will backfire sooner or later when you try to move away from them. Many agencies out there own everything you have paid for on the web and will sell it back to you at a hefty price if you ever try to step away from their monthly services. This is not a good situation to be in and they usually have the upper hand in court. Stay away from these companies and makes sure they provide full ownership of all the code/development in writing before signing with them.


As a rule of the thumb, you should contact at least 3 web companies and compare the cost of their services. Do not be tempted of going for the cheapest deal as this might compromise on the quality of the services. Any high school kid can follow a few tutorials online and setup a basic website for you, however, in most cases this is also a good way to waste money and more importantly time.

These are some of the things ones must consider when you are out looking for a top notch website development company. The task of choosing a web developer is very crucial. Without them, your website may malfunction resulting in the loss of revenue and valuable clients. A good website development company is one in which is easily accessible and fixes any technical hitches that may arise. In summary, if all of the above checks out then consider giving them a shot.

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